Thursday, March 10, 2016

Follow the 700level's lead and make Nationals fans get what they deserve!

The 700Level has a great idea.  They are urging Phillies Phans to help the Nationals with their great promotion...picking their September 9th Fan Choice Bobblehead.   I agree with their writer, Enrico Campitelli that we should troll the Nationals and vote for none other than All Time Phillies saves leader Jonathan Papelbon.

Here is the link to vote  You can click refresh and vote 10x.  Let's give National fans what the deserve; a take home giveaway of the crotch grabbing, throat choking, straight cash baby. Voting ends tomorrow at 10:00am!

 No better way for us to show our appreciation for:


Thank you to the 700level for this great idea.

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