Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trade Lee!

Now that I have your attention! Of course I don't want to trade Cliff Lee, nor am I worried that Lee has an ERA over 4 (4.18), third highest on the team behind Big Joe Blanton (5.92) and David Herndon (8.22). Despite his 2-2 record and 4.18 ERA, Lee has eaten up innings (32.1) and is tied with Roy Halladay with 39 strikeouts. On the downside, Lee is tied with Blanton with allowing 16 runs, 15 of them earned and leads the team in home runs against with 4. But, it's only April and last night was only his 5 start. Lee will still be the pitcher we expect him to be and will locate his pitches better as the season moves forward. So for any Phan who are easily rattled, no reason to worry about Cliff Lee, he will be lights out come October as he has been the past 2 seasons.

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