Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day

Spring is right around the corner as we are on the eve of the first official workouts for the Phillies Pitchers and Catchers. Many of our Phightin Phils have been in camp for a while now as the Phillies try to become the first National League Team to win 3 consecutive pennants since the 1942-1944 St. Louis Cardinals. The Phils are in great shape to follow in the those footsteps, that Cardinals team won the World Series in 1942, lost in '43 and then won again in 1944.

Leading the Phillies staff this year is Roy Halladay, who is considered by most to be the best pitcher in baseball. Halladay, who lives close to Clearwater has been in camp for weeks. This is the first time in Halladay's illustrious career that he has had the opportunity to pitch for a contender and plans to make the most of it. I, for one, am truly excited about seeing Roy pitch.

The highlight for today, aside from the fact that the boys of summer are back, was Brad Lidge addressing the media. Lidge started off by telling the media that "I'm going to burn my '09 shirts and we'll get this over with and move forward from there." Lidge, who as we all know had a horrific year, finally admitted that he was nowhere near 100% last season, as he was suffering from an injured elbow and knee, both have been surgically repaired. This is great news for Phillies Phans. Brad Lidge was key to winning the 2008 World Series and will be vital in chasing the '42-'44 dynasty of the Cardinals.

Tomorrow we will hear from Cole Hamels, who also looks to bounce back from an awful season. Phinally on Friday, Roy Hallaway will take the stage.

This is an exciting time for Phillies Phans, for this is first time since the late '70s that the Phightins have been a contender for this long a time. I for one can't wait for this season to begin.

Let's Go Phils!

Phillies 2010: Let's Do It Again!

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