Saturday, October 10, 2009

Billy and Cal Ripken Jr. Show

Yesterday, I was a caller on the Billy and Cal Ripken Jr. show on XM MLB Radio. First, I want to say want an honor it was to get to speak to Hall of Famer Cal Ripken. The basis of my call was to talk about none other than the Phightins'. I wanted to hear their take on who they felt would be the starters for Game 3 and 4. I mentioned that with Blanton and Happ both throwing in game 2, though it was only one inning and one pitch respectively, did Charlie Manuel hurt us for Games 3 and 4. I mentioned that I thought it would be Perdo Martinez would start (this call was before Charlie Manuel announced that it would indeed be Perdo) but I was slightly concerned how Perdo's stiff neck would react to the 20 degree weather that is Coladoro (Cal found this comment to be funny and started laughing). I also mentioned that I thought by using Blanton and Happ in Game 2 and not using the true bullpen guys are you telling your relief pitchers that you have no confidence in them.

Both Ripkens agreed that the Phillies are still in good shape and that Pedro should be fine and that Phillies have alot of fire power in them with Jayson Werth and Raul Ibanez who both had over 30 home runs and not to mention two guys named Utley and Howard. Billy Ripken mention that he thinks the Brad Lidge would be fine and that he started pitching much better at the end of the season and that the time off was exactly what he needed. He also went on to say that come Game 4, he felt that Blanton and Happ would both be available to start because their appearance in Game 2 was no different than throwing a bullpen session.

Cal then jumped in and stated that the Phillies success does not rest on the bullpen or the starting pitching. He believed that it relied on the top of the lineup's performance. He said that when Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino get on base and "start running around" that Phillies would be untouchable.

Well hopefully tonight in what will be the a very cold night with snow possible, the Phightin Phils can turn up the heat and score run after run after run. Also, I truly feel that Pedro has some gas left in his arm and that he will show us all tonight why the Phillies signed him. Tonight is the most meaningful game in the 2009 season so far and I believe the Phils are going to come out swinging and put a hurting on the Rockies pitching staff. This is now a best of 3 series and the World Champions are going to show the world just how they won the World Series last year.


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