Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Losing Faith

For weeks now, we have been hearing from Charlie Manuel that Brad Lidge was our closer. Then articles popped all over the net, that Manuel might turn to Myers if Lidge can't get his act together. Well, it looks like today might have been Lidge's last day as closer for the Phillies. In the 9th with the game on the line, Lidge was pulled for Ryan Madson to close out the game. I like others was starting to think Lidge had turned the corner until this past weekend. Time will tell if this was Lidge's last day as the closer, but we are blessed to have some many great pitchers on the ballclub to pick up the slack. I love Brad Lidge and will be forever greatful for his performance during the 2008 World Championship season, but I want to repeat as champs and until he gets his stuff back, we need to look else where to win games.

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